Common Dream introduces a process of creating a monument of an accidental community. It is to be created by using images loaded on a provided website by outside contributors. In the theoretical sense Common Dream is a sculpture. It is created in the four-dimensional time-space, and the creation of this sculpture is for the authors both a mental and physical experience. A full physical view of the sculpture is only partly possible. The viewer can only see an after-image, or one of the part-views of the sculpture. The scale and the medium in which Common Dream sculpture comes into being on the website do not allow a complete view. However, it is possible to participate in the process of creation. Participants or contributors can send images, words or moving images to be displayed on a publicly accessible website platform. Every subsequent image interacts as a see-through image – partly covers the previous images, creating thus one unified sculpture. Individual images as such are illegible; yet projected one on another, together they create Common Dream sculpture. This process can be viewed on a monitor screen.
Idea based on “Social Sculpture” by Joseph Beuys and ”The Society of the Spectacle” by Guy Debord.

Name: krytyk

Name: colours

Comment: its cool

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Name: colours

Title: window to the soul

Name: anastasia

Title: Parachute jacket

Name: Keep Away From Fire

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Name: Cata